Build your brand with powerful films that connect with your audience and increase your market share

Build confidence in your brand with films that reflect the true value of your business

Your target market is already looking for the solutions your brand offers, they just don’t know it yet! That’s where we come in. Good Eye Deer Brand Films and Brand Stories help you stand out from the crowd by highlighting how your brand delivers value (in relation to your audience’s emotional wants and needs). In other words, we help your audience to get you and get your brand, so you can get traction.

The team at Good Eye Deer nailed a tricky brief from day one and then exceeded our expectations at every step.”

Jordan Burke
Internal Communications Manager, 

Link Group

Connect with your audience through emotive stories that resonate

If we’re honest, emotion is what drives consumer purchasing decisions. So for video marketing to be effective it needs to do more than capture your audience’s attention. To get traction for your brand we produce brand stories with the focus of winning hearts. Our proven creative-development and video production processes win the hearts of your audience by moving, exciting and inspiring them.

Bring your brand to life with video stories that embody your brand values

Consistency and congruence are the building blocks of strong brands. So when we craft your Brand Film, we do so with your brand’s values and persona in mind. We can create one film or a series of stories to roll out as part of an emotive campaign.

Get the traction you want via a proven development and production process

We start by looking at your brand, message, audience, delivery platform/s and desired outcome. In fact, about one-third of our budgets are dedicated to R&D. From there we develop a story and approach that will bring your brand’s personality to life in a smart, relevant and visual way. Our focus is always to reach your audience and create emotional connections that last longer than your video’s duration.

Good Eye Deer understands the power of telling compelling stories. Their films are not only highly engaging but highly appropriate and interesting for their audiences.

Brooke Newstead, Senior Communications Officer (Campaigns), NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Work with Producers who understand and support your marketing objectives

Our creative expertise and production capabilities work for agency partnerships and small marketing teams in medium-to-large business. We’re a perfect fit for marking managers who need an external team of video production specialists to help their achieve marketing goals. We love collaborating on creative, but we’re also team-players who can roll out the scripted content you’ve developed (check out our Production Facilitation Services). If you’re looking to produce high-concept, agency-level promotional videos or Brand Films, we’ve got you covered.

Deliver on-time and on-budget with cost-effective brand film production solutions

We’re budget-conscious producers. Once we understand the scope of your promotional video, and the budget is determined, it’s a fixed fee. No surprises, no hidden costs. And no over-promising on what can be achieved on the allocated budget. If you want to change the scope, that’s your prerogative, and we can renegotiate then. Otherwise, our guaranteed price point means you can relax and know the job will get done without fuss.

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