Commercial campaigns to help you increase sales.

Video works as the key conversion tool for audience engagement. But what works for campaigns is consistency of message and a streamlined system that generates qualified customer enquiries or e-commerce sales. Our custom built campaigns, with video at the centre, helps you increase sales with predictability.

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Video-centric Campaigns that involve your audience

Over the years we have produced commercials for many campaigns and many brands. Our processes for designing the creative concept for a commercial is an extensive brand exercise. Due to our in-depth processes, moving into controlling the full-creative behind video-based campaigns has been a small and simple step. 

Our campaigns, as well as our commercials, have one thing in common. They all have the same audience-centric focus: involve me and I’ll understand.

Toys ‘R’ Us: Join the Fun

#JoinTheFun positions Toys ‘R’ Us as the enablers of imagination and the go-to place for fun. It positions the company as one that recognizes the importance of play in our life and helps us embrace it. When we play, we become limitless. The message we are sharing with the kids of today is that through Toys ‘R’ Us, ‘You can be anything you want to be’. For the campaign we produced: the Join The Fun logo, digital assets and in-store / POS banners as well as six online commercials.

We devised a series of brand values that all campaign elements follow to stay on message. The brand values were:
1. The invitation (come join us)
2. The celebration (of diversity and inclusiveness)
3. The imagination (limitless possibility)
4. The unexpected (that sparks joy and laughter)


Lions Australia: More than Sausages

Selling sausages is only a fraction of what Lions do. But it is, arguably, one of their most visible public activities. We proposed that they own that stereotype – that they own the sausage in a bid to help the public understand the value of what they do. The #More than Sausages campaign turns the humble sausage into a symbol representing both Lions Club members and the good they do.

The concept for the commercial and the campaign was a join effort between Creative Director, Gavin Banks and Producer, Olivia Olley. Branding was consistent with our Two More Hands campaign and the Lions Australia corporate ID. This project was shot entirely in Newcastle, NSW, with local crews – home of the Lions Australia HQ and Good Eye Deer management.



Lions Australia: Two More Hands

The Lions Australia Two More Hands campaign was both a recruitment and an awareness campaign. As their first real branding exercise, their objective was to increase the profile of the service organisation, as well as attract a younger market.

When trying to convey the scope of what Lions Australia do, we found there was too much information for one TV commercial. We discussed with Lions Australia the option of creating three commercials – one for each charity strand. Three commercials (opposed to one) allowed for a stronger and more consistent re-enforcement of the brand.

The ‘Two More Hands’ campaign brought Lions Australia a 60% increase in membership enquiries – ranking them number one in the world for membership.


The commercials were released on broadcast television, catch up TV and online streaming services. We also produced a brand film. Usig a documentary style the production team travelled across Australia recording stories of various community groups working under the Lions banner. A brand ID, style guide and range of graphical assets were produced for use in print and online.