4 signs you need a Media Production Company on your side

By Gavin Banks

Want your audience to remember your business or organisation for all the right reasons? Here are 4 key signs you need a media production company on your side.


1) Want to deliver a standout presentation at a conference?


Imagine you are booked to present at a conference. You need to have an impact with staff, industry professionals or customers. You want your audience to feel informed and inspired but you only have a few minutes at your disposal – and a complex array of messages to get across. How can you make the biggest impression in a short space of time? Simple. A strategic video offers the possibility of combining image and sound in a way that produces an outcome bigger than the sum of their parts.




In late 2015 we were asked to make a 60 second film for Australia’s largest superannuation fund administrators. To be screened at an industry conference, the media had to promote the company as the market leader. It also needed to showcase their technology, talented staff, collaboration skills and innovative approach to business.


But how do you tell that story in just one minute? We believe the only way is through a well-crafted film. A media production company can do a lot with very little. Here is what we produced for Link Group using only footage of company staff answering phones, talking in meetings and working at computers. The Link Group ASFA video (below) won the 2015 prize for Best Corporate Video Production at the National AVPA awards.

2) Want to stand out from your competition online?


To effectively promote your company or organisation you need to stand out – to rise above the noise of other brands. There is no better way to make a strong and immediate emotional connection with your audience than a great video.


A well-crafted film can make audiences feel happy, sad, excited or motivated. Creating a video that works at an emotional level, rather than simply bombarding audiences with a series of claims, is the perfect way to create a lasting impression. If you want to connect with your audience, engaging a good media production company is the best place to start.




Good Eye Deer works with many not-for-profit organisations. Our aim is to produce media that not only emotionally engages an audience but also explains what the brand is about. In 2013 we produced a film for an Australian Lions Foundation that did just that.


ALCCRF needed a short film that could explain not just what they do by why their charity is so important. But how do you get an audience to watch a film about children and cancer? We knew we would need to focus on a story of hope and empowerment if we were to involve our audience, particularly if we wanted them to feel excited enough to share it.


In twelve months this little $15,000 film helped elevate subscriptions from $500,000 to $1,000,000 pa.

3) Want to reposition your product, service or brand?

Do you have an existing brand or product that requires a fresh look? Is you organisation needing to move in a new direction to help you reach your marketing goals? A media production company can act as a new set of eyes to help identify and promote the value of your brand. It can create a film that enables your consumers or clients to engage with the value of your brand in a way they have not done before.



Coffs Coast Holiday Parks were looking for a fresh, new image. They invited us to create a 60-second YouTube commercial to promote their well-established array of council-owned caravan parks. Realising they needed a brand re-fresh they decided to engage their audience by focusing on how it feels to be on holidays, rather than simply showcasing their great facilities and amenities.

As as an emotional medium, film is perfectly suited to this job. We started with the client’s theme of Play today. From there we constructed a series of scenarios that would allow us to capture what being on holiday with your family feels like: a mix of freedom, fun and togetherness. This award-winning online commercial was designed to connect with the audience on an emotional level by sparking memories of their own past holidays. It encourages them to create new memories by booking a holiday of their own.

4) Want to create an educational video to affect change?


Have you ever sat through a boring lecture or presentation? Have you been subjected to “death-by-powerpoint” and been unable to remember what it was about just hours later? Most audiences don’t enjoy being lectured to. We don’t like being told what to do even if the argument is a good, rational one.


Instead, consider how you feel sitting at the movies and watching a gripping story unfold in front of you. A great film can change your life. It can change the way you think or behave – all because it makes you feel a certain way.


So too, educational / training films don’t have to be boring. In fact, we believe that all educational films should be emotionally engaging. Why? Once you have a viewer’s heart, you have the key to their mind. A skilled media production company can use the tools of cinema to make an audience feel something. And just like your favourite movie, a well-crafted video can involve your audience and inspire a change in behaviour.




In 2014 Good Eye Deer worked with PCYC NSW to produce a series of educational films for traffic offenders. Rather than scare viewers with graphic images of road trauma we sought to emotionally involve them.  The series explores the real and often tragic human costs of the choices we make while driving. From the crash scene to the court room; from prison to the loved ones who are left behind, this educational video series presents a personal look at the reality of seemingly small decisions that have big consequences.


The TOIP films are now Australia’s most award winning educational video series of 2015. And, according to presenters and participants alike, the videos are working and participant driving habits are changing.

Need a media production company on your side?


If you can relate to any of these scenarios a quality media production company can offer a range of ideas on how they can help. Not sure where to start looking? There are many great providers out there but no two companies will approach your film the same way. Check out this article on how to choose the best production company for you.


About the author: Gavin Banks is the creative director of Good Eye Deer, a Sydney based, award-winning media production company that specialises in creating emotionally engaging commercials, promotional videos and educational films to support and enhancing your brand.