How to Connect with Your Audience Through Video

If you do not connect with your audience you will not engage them. For this reason we say that emotion is a critical element of effective communication. Why? Because a persuasive communicator is able to make personal connections with their audience. They use those emotional connections to shift opinions and influence decisions. That’s why emotional branding is an effective marketing strategy for brands. Establishing emotional connections with your target audience (be they customers, employees, donors or others) helps you connect with your audience, secure their loyalty and maximize potential returns. So, what has this got to do with video?


‘Heartfelt’ – The Salvation Army 2015 Christmas Appeal TVC as featured on The Gruen, Nov 2015

Video is the ultimate emotional medium

At Good Eye Deer, we believe that eliciting an emotional response from viewers is essential if we are to achieve results for our clients. Film (or video) offers more potential to achieve an emotional connection with your audience than any other medium of mass communication available. So, with every video we produce (branded story / education and training video / TV or web commercial / promotional video / independent film), we endeavour to engage viewers on a deeply personal level in order to influence opinions and inspire action.

But touching the heart of an audience is not an easy task. It takes knowledge, experience and skill to produce a film that has an impact. A compelling story, good direction, and cinematic treatment that brings your story to life are just the beginning. Here are a few methods the multi award-winning production team at Good Eye Deer use to emotionally connect with our audiences.

Step 1: Know your audience

Contrary to popular belief, one size does not fit all. In order to establish an emotional connection, you must know whom you are trying to reach. Be specific: decide who your primary audience is. What is the age group and education level of your target audience? What are their interests, their goals? What are their deepest hopes and their greatest fears?

Audiences know if you are speaking their language. If you communicate in a way that relates to them, you will establish credibility and can start building trust (Check out a great article on this topic by Hunter & King). In many ways, this process is akin to creating a relationship with the viewer. Once you build trust and credibility you create an opportunity to emotionally connect.

You also need to know why, where and how they will be watching your video and what you want them to take away from it? Know the answers to these questions before producing your video as this information needs to inform each decision made throughout the production process – from script to cinematography to mastering out.

Step 2: Tell a story that matters

Once you know your audience you need to find a way to engage them. Most effective videos do this by personalising the story being told: a video boasting your company’s achievements becomes a film about how someone’s life or business was (or can be) transformed by your service; a film about the qualities of your product becomes how your product has changed someone’s life.

But personalising your story requires more than just centring the narrative on an individual. Your story has to draw us in – to involve us. Finding a way for your audience to identify with or relate to your story is the key.

In the words of Confucius:

Tell me, and I’ll forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I’ll understand.

Whatever form it takes, your story must send a message that is clear and relevant to your audience.

Step 3: Use compelling imagery

The look and feel of your story will say more about your company, organisation or product than the any words spoken. The visual integrity of your message with your story and brand will determine whether your audience connect with or reject your message. Here is where production values (the look and quality of your film) become critical.

While it is easy to ignore or forget the spoken word, a series of compelling images stays with us. The look of your film needs to reflect your organisation or company’s values, goals and abilities.  Images need to evocative, personal and capture the attention and imagination of viewers.

At Good Eye Deer, we take immense pride in our work, particularly as it relates to cinematography. Our commitment to quality helped us win the Gold Award for Corporate and Educational Cinematography from the Australian Cinematographer’s Society in 2014. And our award-winning cinematographer is able to deliver breath-taking images that engage your audience to tell your story.

We specialise in knowing our audiences, building trust and delivering messages that resonate. Feel free to contact us  for a complimentary consultation to see how we can help you connect with your audience through video.


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