We are a video production company who understands the value of brand. When it comes to online content, there is a great amount of “noise” that you need to cut though. Our team works with you to design a strategic video that emotionally engages the right target audience. Plus, we’re often thinking up new ways to get your video to a larger online audience. One of our “good eye-deers” is to create a social media “teaser” video for our educational clients. Many of our educational or training videos are produced for a closed audience, so we often suggest to “repurpose” the footage and create a highlights reel that can go online. The advantage of this is we create more online video content for your brand and more people are able to understand what you do.

The accolades bestowed on the series area testament to the skills and professionalism of the Good Eye Deer team.”

– Howard Barton, Marketing & Communications Manager, PCYC NSW

Recently we produced a social media teaser for our PCYC NSW 60 minute educational series. This video was distributed via social media and is designed to sit on the PCYC NSW TOIP website. It’s purpose is for audiences to understand the personal cost to driving dangerously – prior to entering the course.

WINNER – Best cinematography in a corporate video, ACS (NSW/ACT)
VIEW: PCYC Traffic Offenders Intervention Program – teaser