Video content: the king of online engagement

Statistics covering everything from social media engagement to general internet usage show that consumers engage more when video is involved. Consumers are more likely to watch than read. They are more likely to recall a brand after watching a video. They are significantly more likely to visit, spend time and purchase from a website that has a video than from competitors who don’t.

As much as good video content can engage audiences, a poorly crafted or conceived video can alienate them. In fact, every video you produce will either build or undermine your brand. This is why we devote more time than most to development and pre-production. Our goal is to produce video content that reflects the brand accurately and engages the right audience.

Brand films and video content have the capacity to deliver brand messages in a way that truly achieves an emotional connection with your audience.

Brand films and online video content production

We are a video production company who understands the value of brand.  Our team works with you to design a strategic video that emotionally engages the right target audience. Plus, we’re often thinking up new ways to get your video to a larger online audience.

Whether you need b2b video content, an internal video or branded content for social media, we can help.


Our Production Values Bring your brand to life

Once we have developed the right concept for your brand, we then work to produce the right look for your film. Each brand is different: differnt values, target audiences and marketing needs. However what they have in common is the need for the film to look on-brand; and for audiences to be swept away with the film. We pride ourselves on producing content with high production values. We employ beautiful, cinematic images to tell a brand story. However, we don’t get swept away with cinematography. We believe that every frame has a purpose and all brand films should focus on story (and emotional engagement) over everything else.


Involve your audience

Emotionally engaging your audience doesn’t mean we want to make them cry. Rather, we want to make them feel a connection to your brand. We work to create films that inspire, motivate, encourage and excite, depending on the outcome you desire.

Each brand film, educational video, or piece of marketing content we create targets a particular audience with the goal of involving them. We focus on what your product or service means for your clients and create a story around that. We also adapt our style and formats to suite the video needs – including the production of animation.



Video production that gets results

Savy organisations are turning to professional video producers for quality films that stand out. Video can work for your brand. You just need to tell the right story in the right way.

Contact us to see how we can help bring your brand to life.