Create a series of TV Commercials to entice Foster Carers to this organisation. The TVCs should highlight Catholic Care's services and values and incorporate the new branding elements for Catholic Care. This is a 15second cut down of the TVC highlighting family values.


We assessed what Catholic Care didn't want to be recognised as and took the design from there. These television commercials show that family is important to Catholic Care and their foster parents.

We spoke with foster families to learn what they do to make their foster children feel loved and supported. We came up with an idea to film the children playing dress-ups for the TVC's to advertise a sense of fun and independence for the foster children at Catholic Care.


Good Eye Deer and Little Green Frog showed a deep sense of appreciation for the level of sensitivity and confidentiality required to film such a DVD, which was very reassuring for our team throughout the whole project.

Catholic Care


Client: Catholic Care
Agency: Little Green Frog
Production Company: Good Eye Deer
Director: Gavin Banks