Digital video, marketing and TVC advertising is a brand focused exercise: Trusting your video production team is everything.


We know that your brand is your most valuable asset. It’s the thing people latch on to and identify with. Since video has become a key component of online communication – looking after your brand’s image has never been more pertinent. So, we’d like to introduce you to our core production team dedicated to making your brand shine on screen.


Gavin Banks established Good Eye Deer in 1998. Since then his passion for filmmaking (and storytelling) has only increased. He sees each new project as a challenge to better his craft and provide clients with digital assets that work (for your target audience and marketing needs). Gavin has extensive experience directing both actors and non-actors in a huge range of commercial and corporate productions. His main aim is to either capture or create a moment of truth in every performance. Gavin believes that these moments – these human truths are the cornerstone of a film that your audience will emotionally engage with. His attention to detail and ability to articulate complex ideas in a short space of time (30 sec TVC, 60s brand video) is what makes Good Eye Deer a multi award winning company. We’re confident to say that Gavin’s emotional intelligence and his technical precision will work for you and inspire your audience.


Smart, sassy, personable and super productive, Olivia Olley, is your first point of call at Good Eye Deer. Olivia became a producer and partner at Good Eye Deer in 2012 and has seen the company grow to be a nationally recognised video production house. In her time, the company has won 12 national and international awards for brand films, corporate videos, educational series and TV commercials. Olivia is a creative producer and is typically across all our creative projects. She has a nice mix of approachability and tenacity, loves to laugh and is a great collaborator. Olivia’s career began in 2002 with a cadetship at the Sydney Opera House. She then worked at a Post Production house in London before returning to Australia to complete a Creative Arts Degree specialising in Screenwriting, graduating with an Honours in Documentary Production.


With a background in documentary production, Anthony has a unique ability to find beautiful, honest moments in his edits. He has a flare for montage and great sense of pacing. Anthony began working for Good Eye Deer in 2005. His first film with us was a quirky promotional video about an escargot farm. Jump-cut to 2014 where Anthony edited together our multi-award winning educational series, PCYC’ NSWs Traffic Offenders Intervention Program, which went on to become Australia’s most awarded educational series of 2015. As an Editor, Anthony has a delightful sensitivity – be it for an emotional character piece or a high-paced brand film. Some of our favourite 2016 projects by Anthony include Safe Work NSW, One York and Link Group. Not only is Anthony a gifted editor, he is also an excellent juggler.

About (our other) GAVIN

Where would we be without Gavin Blyth? This man works tirelessly to get the perfect shot. Gavin’s career began as a videographer in 2010 filming events for Red Bull. His role at Good Eye Deer began in 2014 as our camera assistant. Gavin now oscillates between assisting and operating. As an operator (or DP), Gavin has an excellent eye for the moving image – both technically and artistically. The projects he films range in style from high-class corporate to warm, emotionally engaging content. He is versatile, professional and one of the nicest guys we know.



Jesse has been around film and video production his whole life. He recently distinguished himself at University with his cinematography and sound work. During his studies he earned the respect of his peers and lecturers, graduating with a string of HDs. During his studies Jesse worked for us on a casual basis – learning the ropes on set and in the edit suite. Some of the 2016 stand-out projects for Jesse were the Many Rivers Not-for-Profit shoot in remote Northern Territory (where he lugged gear up a mountain in 40 degree heat – without a complaint); and the Hogarth WW international-agency production for Nicabate.