Like film, video offers the ability to impact audiences at an emotional level. Harness that power and you have the potential to affect real change.


Promoting change in your target market

Education and training is all about managing and affecting change: change of perception, attitudes, or behaviour. At Good Eye Deer we believe that the way to someone’s head is through their heart. And that real change comes through creating an emotional shift in your audience. Does that mean we want them to cry? No! We want them to understand why your message relates to (and is important to) them. There is no medium that has the potential to do this better than video.

“We all knew the TOIP series was going to be something special from the 1st interviews. How lucky we are to have Good Eye Deer’s expertise, talent and vision to bring it all together. Awards aside – the best thing about their work on this project is the fact that it will literally save lives.


Films that involve your audience

To create an effective video for your organisation we focus on custom-building a story that will resonate with your audience. We design a film (or series of films) that will involve, engage and educate your target viewers in a way that empowers them to make informed decisions.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to educational / training video production. Each subject and audience require different styles of communication to draw them in. We have produced everything from scripted, dramatised video series for oncologists; to stylised documentary series for indigenous youth; to documentary-style training films for heavy industry.

Educational and training production clients include PCYC NSW, University of NSW, Newcastle University and the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). Check out some of our recent work

Award-winning educational video production

WINNER: Best Series: Education (Personal Growth & Development), 2015 US International Film & Video Awards
NOMINEE: Best (Educational video production) in Festival, 2015 US International Film & Video Awards
FINALIST: Best Instructional / training resource (Tertiary / General), 2015 ATOM Awards
WINNER:  Best Educational and Training Video, 2014 National Australian Video Producers Association Awards.
WINNER: Gold Award for cinematography – Corporate and Educational, 2014 Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (NSW and ACT)
NOMINEE: Best cinematography – Corporate and Educational, 2015 National Australian Cinematographers Society Awards

VIEW: PCYC NSW, Traffic Offenders Intervention video series trailer

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