Not videographers – we’re filmmakers getting B2B results

Good Eye Deer is a team of award-winning filmmakers (not videographers) who tell emotive stories for TV and the web via film and video. We custom-build films for a range of clients in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors across Australia.

Award winning video production, Sydney, Melbourne


We connect brands with their audiences

We have one overriding philosophy – if you want to connect with your audience you must involve them. For this reason we refer to ourselves as filmmakers rather than videographers (or corporate video producers). Why? Because we approach video production like we would the creation of a film or movie. We focus on story – stories that will resonate with your audience and drive your business objectives.

But this involves more than the message you want to convey. It involves how we deliver it. This is where the art of filmmaking becomes so important. In media production, whether we like it or not, every image associated with your brand is either building or undermining it. So, how your story looks and is constructed (the images, style, structure and tone) must be as relevant and appealing to your audience as your message. As filmmakers, rather than videographers, we actively use the tools of cinema to style your story to suit your audience.

We value, support and enhance your brand

In today’s competitive environment every video associated with your brand works as a branded story. We make sure the right intellectual and visual story is being told to achieve the results you want. We believe that if your target audience is emotionally involved they will understand the value of your brand and are more likely to engage with it. This is why video has the potential to be so powerful!

We are leaders in our field

Engaging audiences emotionally means they are involved in your story. Our many national and international awards are a reflection of the ongoing quality of our video production services. Recent production awards include:

  • Best Corporate Video, National AVPA Awards, 2015
  • Best Online Video Production, National AVPA Awards, 2015
  • Best TV Commercial, National AVPA Awards, 2015
  • Best Training / Instructional Resource, ATOM Awards, 2015
  • Best Educational Series (Personal Growth & Dev), US Int. Film & Video Awards, 2015
  • Nominee: Best in Festival, US International Film & Video Awards, 2015
  • Best Education & Training film – National AVPA Awards, 2013 + 2014
  • Nominee: Best Corporate & Educational, ACS National Awards, 2015
  • NSW Gold Winner – Corporate & Educational, ACS NSW & ACT Awards, 2014
  • Certificate of Creative Excellence – US Int. Film and Video Festival, 2014
  • Finalist: Best promotional video – National AVPA Awards, 2014

Mobile, professional video production – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

We have video production studios in Sydney and Newcastle but service clients across Australia and abroad. Recent projects have seen us work with companies in Melbourne to produce a 360 degree Virtual reality tour; a tourism destination series of TVCs for Coffs Harbour Council; and a promotional video for Australia’s largest childcare provider based on the Gold Coast.